We stand behind our work with a strong customer warranty.
  1. TPS Aerospace processes each unit in accordance with current OEM Manuals, Service Bulletins, and applicable Regulatory Agency Specifications. TPS Aerospace will support warranties subject to customer’s operation of systems within the confines of the Manufacturer’s maintenance inspections and FAA requirements. Each unit is warranted to be free from any such defects in workmanship for a period of 18 months for overhaul and 12 months for repair commencing from date of overhaul and/or repair.
  2. TPS Aerospace will request notification within thirty (30) days of discovery of any failure for warranty claim.
  3. TPS Aerospace’s liability will be limited to the repair of those units processed at its facility for any defective component to the extent necessary to return it to a serviceable condition. Aviation Industry Repair will not be obligated hereunder if initial examination reveals improper handling, improper installation, improper operation, improper storage, tampering or contamination by the customer, or any alterations, modifications or repairs performed by anyone other than Aviation Industry Repair.
  4. TPS Aerospace does not warrant original manufacturer’s parts except to the extent each manufacturer expressly guarantees or warrants its products. In such cases Aviation Industry Repair will provide all warranty claims on behalf of its customer for original manufacturer’s warranty consideration.
  5. TPS Aerospace will not be liable, in any event, for consequential damages resulting from the failure of a part or sub-assembly fitted during processing of unit. This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties expressed, implied, or statutory.

Revised: October 30, 2013

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