ATS and Volotea Airlines Partner in Aircraft Integration Program to Accelerate Capacity Growth

January 6, 2016

Aviation Technical Services (ATS) and Volotea Airlines (Volotea) announced today that the two companies are working together on an aircraft integration program for the introduction of several mid-life A319 aircraft into Volotea’s fleet. Volotea will focus on aircraft acquisition and operations while ATS will provide turnkey technical fleet integration services. These services include overall program management, detailed aircraft records review, engineering for cabin interior changes and re-branding, and EASA certification of the final new configuration.

“ATS is proud to put our successful platform for fleet integration to work for Volotea,” said Paul Harper, ATS General Manager and Vice President of Engineering and Integration Services. “ATS has significant experience in providing one-stop technical capability, which frees up Volotea resources to focus on more strategic activities.”

“By consolidating technical elements of the integration program with ATS, Volotea can focus on aircraft acquisition, network planning and operations,” said Alex Clerc, Volotea Deputy Chief Operations Officer. “This partnership allows Volotea to accelerate our growth plans by adding capacity at a faster rate and a reduced cost.”

ATS began work on Volotea’s aircraft integration program in September 2015.

About Volotea

Volotea, the European airline for mid and small-sized cities, offers direct flights at attractive fares. Its fleet consists of 19 Boeing 717, configured in a single class of 125 seats, and will incorporate 4 Airbus A319 in February 2016, configured in 150 seats. Both aircraft models are known for their reliability and comfort, which Volotea provides with its approximately 30 inch-pitch reclining seats. The company made its first flight on April 5th 2012, departing from the Venice-Marco Polo airport. In 2016 Volotea will operate over 38,000 flights in 196 routes on 72 regional capitals and medium European cities, of 13 countries (France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Greece, Czech Republic, Croatia, Israel, Albania and Moldova, Portugal, Malta and United Kingdom). Since its creation, Volotea has transported more than 6 million passengers in Europe. For more information, visit